RSP Transition Plan to Uniregistry

Last updated: 31 July 2019


ICM Registry is pleased to announce it will soon be migrating its Registry Service Provider (“RSP”) to the Uniregistry platform for the following top level domains (TLDs):

  • .adult
  • .porn
  • .sex
  • .xxx

The five phases of the transition plan are detailed below. It should be noted that all dates remain preliminary at this stage and will be confirmed later this month (August) when the ICANN consent process is expected to complete.

The ICM and Uniregistry team very much look forward to keeping you updated every step of the way via email and this webpage – so do check in regularly.

Preliminary Timeline

We intend to handle the RSP Transition in three major phases as illustrated below:

Launch RSP Transition Plan
August 2019
RSP transition from Afilias to Uniregistry’s platform commence
15 October 2019
(16:00 UTC)
Registrar Onboarding
Uniregistry will engage with all ICM registrars to initiate the RSP transition
All registrars have been transitioned to the Uniregistry platform
28 October 2019
(16:00 UTC)
RSP Transition to Uniregistry
Registrars are transitioned to the Uniregistry platform
Complete RSP transition from Afilias to Uniregistry’s platform
29 October 2019
(16:00 UTC)
RSP Transition to Uniregistry
Transition of .adult, .sex, .porn and .xxx all at the same time
30 October 2019
(16:00 UTC)
RSP Managed by Uniregistry
Afilias will no longer support RSP backend services
6 November 2019
(16:00 UTC)
RSP Migration is Complete; Afilias platform inaccessible
Access to the Afilias RSP platform is discontinued

Next Steps

  1. Uniregistry will contact registrars commencing on 4 September 2019 with their registrar account credentials.
  2. Registrars will be enabled to setup an EPP testbed and manage their contact information.
  3. Uniregistry will work with all registrars, prior to the start of each TLD’s transition, with details on the actions to be performed.

Note: All billing activities will remain with ICM Registry.


Uniregistry platform related

For assistance with onboarding or post service migration, please contact us at:

Telephone: +1 (949) 706-2300 ext. 4230, M-F: 9AM to 5PM (PST)
ICM related

For general service migration enquiries, please contact us at:

Telephone:+1 (877) 734-4783, M-F: 9AM to 5PM (PST)

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